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Chain of Command

The Central School Board has many policies about filing a concern/complaint.  Below are some of the key policies.  More information can be found in the Central Handbooks and/or Board Policy, both located on the district website.



The board recognizes that concerns regarding the operation of the school district will arise.  The board further believes that constructive criticism can assist in improving the quality of the education program and in meeting individual student needs more effectively.  The board also places trust in its employees and desires to support their actions in a manner, which frees them from unnecessary or unwarranted criticism and complaints. Procedures for dealing with complaints concerning programs or practices should be governed by the following principles:
•  where action/investigation is desired by the complainant, or where it seems appropriate, the matter should be handled as near the source as possible;
•  complaints should both be investigated and, if possible, resolved expeditiously;
•  complaints should be dealt with courteously and in a constructive manner; and,
•  individuals directly affected by the complaint should have an opportunity to respond. Specific procedures for handling complaints may be established in policies.  The board, consistent with its board policy-making role, will deal with complaints concerning specific school programs or procedures only after the usual channels have been exhausted.  Complaints regarding employees or complaints by students will follow the more specific policies on those issues. When a complaint requiring attention is received by the board or a board member it will be referred to the superintendent.  After all of the channels have been exhausted, the complainant may appeal to the board by requesting a place on the board agenda or during the public audience portion of the board meeting.  If the complainant appeals to the board, the appeal will be in writing, signed and explain the process followed by the complainant prior to the appeal to the board.



Questions and problems are resolved at the lowest organizational level nearest to the complaint.  School employees are responsible for conferring with their immediate supervisor on questions and concerns.  Students and other members of the school district community will confer with a licensed employee and then with the principal on questions and concerns. If resolution is not possible by any of the above, individuals may bring it to the attention of the superintendent within 5 school days of their discussion with the principal.  If there is no resolution or plan for resolution by the superintendent within 5 school days of the individual's discussion with the superintendent, the individual may ask to have the question or problem placed on the board agenda.  It will first be the responsibility of the administrators to resolve questions and problems raised by the employees and the students they supervise and by other members of the school district community.



Complaints of employees against fellow employees should be discussed directly between employees.  If necessary, complaints will be brought directly to the immediate supervisor, principal or superintendent and will be made in a constructive and professional manner.  Complaints will never be made in the presence of other employees, students or outside persons. A formal grievance procedure is contained in the master contract between the licensed employee's licensed bargaining unit and the board.  This policy will not apply to a complaint that has been or could be filed at the employee's discretion under that formal grievance procedure.



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