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Wilson Reading Intervention - 4th Grade


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General Information from

WRS (Wilson Reading System) website

We are currently working on closed syllables.  Rules we have learned to help us with reading and spelling closed syllables:

1) When following a short vowel sound, the 'k' sound is spelled 'ck.' Example words:  lick, sack, tuck, rock, peck

2) When letters 'f', 'l', or 's' follow a short vowel, those consonants are doubled. Example words:  kiss, puff, tell

3) When 's' is added to a base word it sometimes makes the 'z' sound.  Example words:  rags, dads, labs, bells

Types of English Language Syllables

Closed Syllables Have:  *1 vowel
                        *the vowel says its short sound
                        *ends in a consonant

Sample Real Words:  hop, box, Jim, peck, fit, tap, cut
Sample Nonsense Words:  tup, dis, wab, jeb, tog

Wilson Flashcard Practice     

Practice any set of cards in the Step 1 or Step 2 folders.      


                                                                          Closed Syllable Exceptions are in Step 2.3

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