Robin spotted in Iowa and More!
Robin spotted in Iowa and More!
Mr. Trenkamp
Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Central Family,

It has been quite a year with weather (13 days of school missed) but I did see one of our parents post a picture of a robin on Facebook, so hopefully that is a positive sign that this weather pattern is coming to and end!  With the warm up, we see a new set of challenges.  Today almost all of our bus routes ran behind schedule and one bus did slide partway into the ditch due to very poor gravel road conditions.  We are also monitoring the river and taking some precautionary measures of moving equipment and our vehicles to higher grounds.  So if you see our suburbans parked in the visitor parking, we apologize and will have those back as soon as we know it is safe.

This school year we have really focused on Central's Core Values developed by the Central School Improvement Committee at the end of the 2017/2018 school year.  The core value we put the most emphasis on was "Communicating openly with integrity and respect".  Hopefully this school year you have seen communication improve at Central through our use of social media, new website and app, as well as making sure our calendar always had the correct dates, times, and place for events.  Communication is an area we will always be monitoring and trying to improve on.

To continue to promote communication and transparency, I want to share a few updates:

  • Central's spring musical is this weekend beginning at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 3:00 p.m. on Sunday (moved back an hour due to St. Patrick's Day Parade).
  • This spring the Central School Board approved adding a Strength & Conditioning position.  We know a healthy lifestyle not only helps our sports programs but also has a positive affect on our academics.  Please help us promote this opportunity for our students.
  • I have heard a few questions about health notifications from the school.  Central follows the guidance of Iowa Department of Health as well as the Iowa Department of Education, school nurses organization, school board policy, and guidance from Central Community Hospital & Medical Associates for communication of all health care.  We encourage parents to contact Nurse Bergan if your child has any health concern.  Central keeps this information confidential and will only use the information to help monitor the concern as well as support parents when we can.  Notifications to families are only sent out when recommended by the Iowa Department of Health or when the district deems necessary due to multiple cases being confirmed.  Example, we currently have one confirmed case of lice.  While lice is a nuisance, it is not life threatening and honestly anywhere you have a crowd of people you have possible exposure to lice, bed bugs, strep throat, influenza, common cold, etc.  If Central sent out a mass notification for every confirmed case, we would be sending notifications daily.  This would result in people ignoring our notifications and when a serious notification is sent, possibly being missed.  Central takes the safety and health of our students and families very seriously and we encourage open, honest, and discreet communication between home and school.  
  • The remodel continues to progress despite our winter weather.  We are on schedule with a completion date ahead of the start of next school year.  Please visit our website for ongoing updates and pictures.
  • The school board will vote on revising the school calendar during our March meeting.  My recommendation at this time is May 31st as the last day with students.  This means we would only make-up 6 of the 13 days missed.  We can do this because we submitted our calendar by hours and we had extra hours built in.  Please contact a school board member if you have a concern or idea in regards to the school calendar.
  • I will be presenting the 2019/2020 school budget at the March School Board meeting.  Central is in great shape fiscally, especially after seeing it's first enrollment increase in decades.  
  • Central's 4-year-old preschool is filling up fast!  We can only take 40 students and we are close to that number already.  If you have a child who will be 4 years of age by September 15, please contact the school ASAP to get them on our list and ensure a spot.
  • Next year Central will offer a new program in partnership with West Delaware (DelCo BEST) called Clayton County BEST.  This program is designed for juniors and seniors to work with local business leaders in solving real-world, authentic problems.  Students in this program will develop the soft skills needed to be successful in the workforce as well as test their growth mindset and problem solving abilities.  If you will have a junior or senior next year, encourage them to look into the Clayton County BEST program.  Contact Ms. Gritzner and Mrs. Healy for more information.
  • Central is looking for parents to get involved with our Booster Clubs.  If you want to get involved in supporting our fine arts and athletics, please contact me.

Sorry for the length of this update, I could add a lot more with the many positive things happening at Central!  We are proud of our accomplishments and honored that you choose to send your children to us.  

Thank you for your continued support,

Nick Trenkamp, Superintendent