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Allison Walch

Allison Walch, about 12 hours ago

The Central students traveled to Kendrick Forest Products and saw how they take logs and make them into finished products. They kiln dry lumber and then manufacture cabinets for houses and office building. Kendricks are the biggest sawmill in the state of Iowa and get trees from a 100 mile radius of Edgewood. Kendricks also started coloring and bagging mulch for the landscape industry. They make 4 colors, brown, black, gold, and red, producing over a million bags per year and it only takes 3 people to run the line as bags are filled and palleted roboticaly. Kendricks also do a process where they print pictures on to wooden plaques for home decor. The next stop on the tour was the Edgewood Locker where Central students saw how they produce their award winning meat products. The last stop was the Pattison Sand Company where they saw frac sand being mined as well as limestone quarries. Students got to set off an explosion at the mine to loosen more material for the night shift to haul. Much of their shipping is done by rail and they informed us of there plans to improve their ability to load 100 car unit trains. Everyone at Central would like to thank these businesses for taking the time to show students career opportunities here in Northeast Iowa. view image

Allison Walch

Allison Walch, about 14 hours ago

KidWind challenge at Keystone AEA. The students participated in designing, building, and testing wind turbine blades. They were judged on their design and wind turbine knowledge. view image

Allison Walch

Allison Walch, about 16 hours ago

These are the winners of the poppy poster contest! Look in the windows of the businesses downtown as Memorial Day approaches to see the great posters the 5th graders made. view image

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