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Allison Walch

Allison Walch, about 1 month ago

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Jarod Bormann

Jarod Bormann, about 4 hours ago

This ring was turned into the press box Friday night at the football game. It was found by the softball diamond and appears to be a male wedding band with no inscription. Help us find the owner. view image

Jarod Bormann

Jarod Bormann, 1 day ago

Central's 2019 Homecoming Grand Marshall, Merrill Hyde and the 1969 State Championship Softball Team and 2019 Hall Famer, Ed Larson. view image

Alyssa Cobie-Nuss

Alyssa Cobie-Nuss, 1 day ago

Mrs. Kuehl’s 2nd grade class was dated by Mrs. Burkle to wear the lightning tattoos as a mustache. They returned the dare! Happy homecoming! view image

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Sep 21
Sep 21

Event: Homecoming Dance
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Sep 23
Sep 23

Event: JH Volleyball @ Tripoli
4:15 PM - 5:45 PM